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body armor lyte flavors

Body Armor Lyte | Flavors Ranked | Reviewed


If you have come across this article, you must be a fitness freak or a health enthusiast. Congratulations! This is the right place for you. Do you need a good sports drink to infuse the lost minerals into your body after a tiresome workout but want to keep the calories low? I know the options are fewer but we have the perfect solution for you.

Body Armor has introduced Body Armor Lyte which is low on calories and enriched with electrolytes. This sports drink has no artificial flavor, no added sugar, preservatives, or dyes. A drink that delivers all the goodness in one bottle is important, but cutting down the fat and gaining muscles is important as well. Thus, these coconut water-infused drinks are the all-in-one solution to your problems.

Flavors of Body Armor Lyte:

The drink comes in a number of natural flavors and sweeteners including; sugarcane, stevia, and erythritol. All these drinks are a package full of minerals, vitamins, coconut water, and fruity flavors. Here is the list of the tastiest flavors of Body Armor Lyte with our reviews on their offering and taste.

1.      Blueberry Pomegranate:

If you love the sweet and tangy flavor of blueberry with the savory notes of pomegranate, this is the one for you. This flavor has a subtle, crisp flavor that gives you an energy boost immediately. The composition is mainly natural flavors, 10% coconut water, electrolytes, and vitamin B. All this comes with a total calories of 20 per serving, and no added sugar. The potassium-packed electrolytes help replenish the dehydration in the body with a refreshing taste and little calories.

2.    Coconut:

The coconut flavor brings you to the tropical refreshment with its sweet and fresh taste. It has a creamy, fruity flavor with slight notes of the tropics on every sip. The drink is made with 10% coconut water and infused with essential vitamins, potassium electrolytes, minerals, and natural sweeteners. It has no added color or preservatives and it tastes highly natural and authentic.

3.    Berry Punch:

Ready to get the punch of real fruity heaven? Berry punch is here for you. This flavor brings out the perfect freshness by its sweet and tart flavors. The taste of this drink is deeper and has crisp to it. Moreover, it is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and natural flavors. It also has 10% coconut water, and no artificial sugar, preservatives, or dyes. The fruity heaven is also packed with potassium and other electrolytes which will brighten up your day in a serving. It has only 20 calories per drink which are perfect for a health conscious person.

4.    Watermelon:

The next flavor from Body Armor Lyte is the king of summer fruits, the watermelon. The drink has a subtle, sweet taste with fruity notes. It is perfectly refreshing after tedious workout or exercise. The drink is infused with 10% coconut water and important antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It also has the goodness of natural flavors and sweeteners with no artificial colors or preservatives. The drink contains 20 calories per serving and is packed with potassium and other beneficial nutrients.

5.    Tropical coconut:

The next on the list the perfect tropical drink which will give you the creamy, and lactonic taste twist. The drink is highly refreshing and has a sweet aftertaste. Also, it is made with 10% coconut water and has only 20 calories per serving. The drink is not only refreshing, but it is also enriched with antioxidants, multivitamins, and potassium-packed electrolytes. The drink has no added sugar, no artificial coloring or preservatives. It is a perfect choice for someone looking for a tropical, tangy flavor.

6.    Peach Mango:

With the sweetness of mangoes and the slightly acidic, crispy flavor of the peaches, the peach mango flavor for Body Armor Lyte was created. The sports drink is sweet and refreshing, with highly added antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin B. It has 10% coconut water in it and is sweetened by natural flavorings. It is also packed with electrolytes to bring the energy back to your body after strenuous activity. Moreover, the calories are only 20 per serving so it suits your fitness regime perfectly well.

7.    Orange Clementine:

This flavor has a citrusy, sweet orange flavor, with notes of tanginess from the orange and clementine. The drink is highly hydrating, refreshing, and is packed with antioxidants, multivitamins, and electrolytes. Additionally, it is incorporated with 10% coconut water. It has no artificial color, flavor, or preservatives. The only sweetening agents used in this sports drink are those from natural sources. Moreover, it has only 20 calories per serving and is enriched with electrolytes to help you stay active and energized

We hope that this article has helped you in choosing your favorite flavor. Don’t hesitate to leave your queries and feedback in the comments section.



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