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Body Armor Flavors 2021 Ranked

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If you’re looking for super hydration, body armor sports drink is one of the best options for you. We have enlisted some of the best body armor flavors for you so you can have a look at them and decide which one will suit your taste.

The sports drink comes with a  lot of flavor choices, thus making it easy for you to select your favorite flavor and rock the sports ground, gym, or any physical activity where sports drinks are required to reinstate the body’s lost nutrients along with water. With natural colors and flavors, body armor is surely winning the hearts of its customers.

1.    Body Armor Strawberry Banana:

Strawberry Banana

Looking for the sweet and refreshing flavor by body armor? Well, this is the perfect option to pick. The strawberry banana flavor by body armor has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or color from artificial sources. What’s more? This drink is enriched with a perfect blend of electrolytes, antioxidants, and B vitamins. All this with only 120 calories per serving and a mind-blowing taste. It is worth a try!


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana nutrients chart


2.    Body Armor Tropical Punch:

Tropical Punch

The tropical punch flavor by body armor is another punchy flavor on the list. With 10% coconut water, and 200% B vitamins, and potassium-packed electrolytes, this drink is perfect for an athlete or sportsman. It has no artificial color or flavor incorporated in it, and it keeps you super hydrated and refreshed. So, emerge yourself in the bursting goodness of tropical fruits and stay hydrated day long.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch nutrients chart

3.    Body Armor Mixed Berry:

Mixed Berry

If you are looking for a perfect combination of sweet and sour, mixed berry by body armor is the one for you. The refreshing notes of ripening berries inside the sports drink make you refreshed and active all day long. The body armor flavor is composed of 10% coconut water, a number of antioxidants and B vitamins that restore the energy lost during exercise or fatigue. Moreover, it has no artificial color or flavor in it, with a total of 120 calories only.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry nutrients chart

4.    Body Armor Grapes:


The sour crispy grape notes hit you right with the body armor grapes flavor. It is composed of 10% coconut water and a load of antioxidants and B vitamins. The purple drink doesn’t only taste good, in fact, with its 200% RDI Vitamins B3, B5 and B, it keeps you energetic and fresh. This super hydrating drink is a must to try on the list with a calorie check of 120 calories only.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Grapes

Grape nutrients chart

5.    Body Armor Blackout Berry:


The ultimate bold flavor on the list is blackout berry. The black color, crispy flavor, and highly incorporated electrolytes makes it a perfect combination for your body. The drink is made up of 10% coconut water and it is bursting with antioxidants and multivitamins. The drink has a total of 120 calories and is the perfect drink for your everyday fitness routine.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Blackout Berry

Blackout nutrients chart

6.    Body Armor Berry Lemonade:

Berry Lemonade body armor

The fun, acidic and refreshing lemonade is combined with the crispy undertones of berry in this drink. This drink is perfectly refreshing and super hydrating. With up to 200% RDI B vitamins and antioxidants, this drink is the super sports drink one can ever wish for. It is also filled with electrolytes and 10% coconut water that makes it even better for sportsmen. The drink has a sufficient amount of 120 calories. Give this bright and refreshing flavor a chance and stay light and active throughout the day


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Berry Lemonade

Berry Lemonade nutrients charts

7.    Body Armor Pineapple Coconut:

Pineapple Coconut

Another wonder on the list is the pineapple coconut flavor by body armor. The ripe and fruity flavor of the pineapple nicely balances the subtle sweetness of the coconut. Together these flavors make your drink very refreshing and energetic. Moreover, the drink is filled with potassium enriched electrolytes, antioxidants, and B vitamins. This sports drink has a total of 120 calories. The coconut water adds up to the freshness of this sports drink. Looking for the perfect tropical combo? Try this one for sure!


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Coconut nutrients chart

8.    Body Armor Watermelon Strawberry:

Watermelon Strawberry

This flavor is a mixture of the iconic summer fruit, the watermelon, and the sweet and juicy strawberries. The combination together is highly refreshing and energizing. The drink has no added colors or flavors, and is solely enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, it has 10% coconut water, only 120 calories and highly packed electrolytes which makes this sports drink exciting and healthy at the same time.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor watermelon Strawberry

9.    Body Armor Fruit Punch:

Fruit Punch

The flavorful, refreshing and subtly sweet sports drink on the list is body armor fruit punch. This flavor has the essence of fruity flavor, with a hint of tangy tropical taste. Additionally, the drink is infused with antioxidants, B vitamins and loads of electrolytes. Thus, proving to the all in one dehydration solution. Moreover, it has no preservatives and artificial flavors so is the perfect option for athletes and people on the go. Another plus point is that it has 90 calories per bottle only.


Nutritional Facts of Body Armor Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch nutrients chart

10. Body Armor Orange Mango:

Orange Mango

The intense sweet and sour flavors of orange and mango make this drink highly refreshing and tasteful. Moreover, the drink is loaded with electrolytes and multivitamins and is abundant in antioxidants as well. The bonus is that it has only 90 calories per bottle, which makes it the perfect solution for diet conscious people. Overall, it a perfect blend of energy packed ingredients that can fuel you up the entire day.


Nutritional Facts of  Body Armor Orange Mango

Orange Mango nutrients chart

We hope that you have chosen your favorite body armor flavor till now, share your favorites in the comment section.

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