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What is a sports drink?


Have you listened or seen somewhere taking sports drink instead of water their hydration? You may have wondered What a sports drink is? Don’t worry we have answer to your question. Just keep reading this post and you’ll be amazed by knowing the benefits of using a sports drink during the periods of excessive exercise or during sports.

When we are out on a hot summer day, our body naturally tries to cool itself by sweating, and in doing so, we lose vital fluid and electrolytes. This can be a problem because most of our body is made of water and needs water to function in a most marvelous way. Water lubricates your joints, our tissues, and helps us eliminate wastes and toxins. Our blood and brain contain a high percentage of water, so becoming even a little dehydrated can make us feel tired.

Normally, we drink fluids in response to thirst, but older adults and children may not feel as thirsty and may be more at risk for dehydration. We need to drink enough liquids to maintain normal colored urine; dark-colored urine is a sign of dehydration. Another sign you need fluid is a dry or sticky mouth.
Marathoners, or others who exercise for an extended period and drink only water, can dilute their body’s supply of electrolytes, causing a potentially dangerous electrolyte imbalance.
To stay hydrated, our body needs not only water but also electrolytes. Fruit juices and sodas, either flat or bubbly, are not recommended for re-hydration. They have too much sugar and do not replace lost minerals. So for this, a sports drink is used.

Sports drinks come in a variety of types and a lot of flavors. This thing, not only helps in creating more appeal for a drink but also supports in a variety of ways. Many sports drinks contain a fewer amount of calories which help you if you’re planning a weight loss journey.
Similarly, sports drinks contain other beneficial ingredients which are otherwise not provided to your body if you rely on only water as a source of hydration. You can now conclude that there is an essential need of sports drink during running, climbing, mountaineering etc.

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