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Why should one take a sports drink?


Have you ever noticed during the games or right after games some players/athletes are commonly seen sipping brightly colored beverages? If you dig out you will be astonished to know the level of business made up of only these beverages around the world. Most of the time viewers perceive these drinks as energy cells for the players. Though some believe it is just because of the marketing purpose. Let’s look at the major reasons for taking in a sports drink

  • Healthy Ingredients in Sports Drinks

Some assume that soft drinks could never replace water. Let us clear this vague information, the major ingredient in a sports drink is water. Although there are many other substances as well such as electrolytes, carbs, salts etc. More specifically the carbs are the collective form of fructose, glucose, sucrose and other forms of sugar. Other nutrients include 14 grams of carbs per 8 fluid ounces (240 ml) while composing 6% of the solution and the 6–8% of the solution is composed of carbohydrates. As far as the major electrolytes or minerals are good for enhancing the regular operations of the body. Potassium and sodium are the major electrolytes.

  • Improves health

As all kind of sports drinks is composed of three major components that are, electrolyte, water, and carbs. Each one of them is highly important for the human body. Long training, hard workout, intense exercise causes severe sweating in which you will lose water and electrolytes, so it is very important to gain them back in form of sports drinks. As well as carbs play the role of fuel in your body, if you ran out of this you will feel weakness.

  • Staying Hydrated

The common analysis has revealed that long exertions and heavy work out cause you to sweat 10-81 fluid ounces/hour. In one ingredient you will enjoy the taste, stay hydrated and maintain your health effectively.



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