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Powerade vs. Gatorade

Powerade vs. Gatorade


Can't Help Choosing The Best Sports Drink?
You’re at the right place, this article discusses the differences between the two, thus making it easy for you to choose whatever suits your needs. Continue reading to find the best drink for your next day’s exercise or sports!

Many people who go to fitness clubs and gyms are using sports drinks often. The comparison of Powerade and Gatorade will help in identifying the effects of these sports drinks.

These sports drinks should be used according to the suggestions for the required outcomes because sometimes, water can be sufficient and sometimes sports drinks are required to achieve the targets.

Powerade VS Gatorade

Gatorade vs. Powerade Nutrition Facts

To find the best sports drink among the Gatorade and Powerade, you need to look at all the benefits provided by them. These two sports drinks share a lot in common and consume a significant market share. Both drinks provide electrolytes, nutrients and regulate the water level to restore the mineral deficiency, which is lost after the workout or any strenuous physical activity. Both of these drinks, thus, work to provide essential nutrients and electrolytes to the body.

The article below will enlist the differences and advantages of these drinks. As you scroll below, you will be able to view the nutrition charts of different flavours and select the one that fits you best.

Comparison of Benefits of Gatorade vs. Powerade

Both these drinks support the body to maintain the lost nutrients and electrolytes. Looking ahead, we will see the ways by which these sports drinks help the body in recovering the lost energy of the human body. It’s really an interesting study that how these sports drinks help in sickness to maintain the lost nutrients

Both Powerade and Gatorade are used to maintain the minerals and nutrients of the body when the body is dehydrated because of vomiting and diarrhea and fever. Here is a detailed list of the benefits of Powerade

Powerade vs. Gatorade When Sick

Research has proved that patients prefer Gatorade to use when sports drinks are prescribed to them. Gatorade affects the body in a short time and the patient feels better sooner.

Electrolytes, minerals like sugar and nutrients of the human body are lost quickly if one is not eating and feeling well because it contains these lost elements in the required amount, this is where it takes the lead.

Gatorade is said a quick digesting sports drink that is absorbed in body and blood immediately because of dissolved ingredients used in it. It helps in recovering children who have stomach flu but it doesn’t contain enough potassium.

However, Powerade is used to maintain carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins which are lost in physical work out, it has many flavours but it contains sodium and sugar so more usage of this can harm health (Sugar-Free Powerade is also available, you can check it here).

Powerade vs. Gatorade Taste

Both Powerade and Gatorade come with a variety of flavours but their nutritional value doesn’t change. They are both preferred by sportspeople because of the diversity in their flavours. There are some general rules to describe the taste and some are specific to each one of us. As an example, I don’t like a strawberry that much so I don’t like this flavour as well.

However, The most used five flavours meticulously picked for you are described here:


Top 5 Powerade Flavors


1. Strawberry Lemonade

It is preferred because of refreshing and delicious taste and having no after flavours. The number of calories per serving is 80 which is a good number to restore the lost energy during workouts. It is one of the favourites among many people but others simply don’t like it for an obvious reason (strawberry). If you are one of them, continue scrolling down for more flavors.

2. Orange

It is a better drink which can be used after a workout to maintain electrolytes. The amount of carbohydrates is little less as compared to sour lemon flavor but the amount of fats is same. i.e 0 gram. One serving contains about 80 calories, which is good to renew the energy lost.

powerade orange nutrional value

3. Sour Lemon

It is used by those people who like the sour taste. According to a study it was liked equally among men and women. The total fat content is 0 gm but carbs are 35 gm or 13%. Although it’s good for you but only if you are not on keto. If you’re on keto diet try out powerade zero instead.

4. Mountain Berry

This Powerade has a good flavour but aftertaste makes it unpopular. However, still it has some huge Amazon likeliness and not only that, people prefer it because of extra nutrients that it provide. Still, the final words can’t be said, unless you try it. Let us know in the comments about your experience.

5. Arctic Shatter

This flavour also has little aftertastes as compare to sour fruits so it is used more. But it’s worth trying, you can buy a pack containing all different tastes if you are having difficulty finding this flavor, but mostly you can easily find it at the local stores or on Amazon.


Top 5 Gatorade Flavors


Gatorade FlavorsCalories Per ServingCheck Ratings and Reviews
Lemon Lime140
Lime Cucumber 80
Fruit Punch130
Citrus Cooler80

See Full List of Best Gatorade Flavors Here

1. Lemon Lime

This flavor is original and makes it popular; its citric taste helps while one is dehydrated. Not only that people who need more calories love it because per serving contains 140 calories. Here is the complete nutrition chart for Gatorade lemon-lime

2. Orange

The orange flavor is used as a hydrating flavor and it is considered favorite among others because of its refreshing taste and energy it provides. It contains 10 less calories as compared to lemon lime. Total number of calories per serving is in Gatorade orange is 130.

gatorade orange

3. Lime Cucumber

The mixed taste of lime and cucumber make the flavor of drink more favorite to people. You can actually taste the ingredients in the product and its too real. However, the number of calories per serving, in this case, is further reduced to 80. This flavor is not present on most of the grocery stores, but you can find on Amazon, the link has been provided below.


4. Fruit Punch

This is prepared by mixing many flavors of fruits so it is preferred by fruit loving people. The number of calories is 130, which is lesser than lemon lime, more than orange and lime cucumber. Also, it doesn’t have that typical overly salted and medicine like taste, it actually tastes like fresh fruits mixture which is a plus point.

gatorade fruit punch

5. Citrus Cooler

This flavor gives relief to people who do long physical activities.

All these flavored drinks are used to maintain the lost nutrients which are lost during workout, sickness or any other activity. It is important to keep yourself dehydrated during workout and exercise. So these flavored sports drinks are used according to the liking and taste of a person because the flavours do not affect the nutrition mostly as you have seen.  Using these drinks will help a person to keep himself healthy and active.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Gatorade and Powerade the same company?
Both Gatorade and Powerade occupy a significant share of sports drinks in the US and across the world. A common misconception of the customers is that these two brands have the same parent company. However, this is not true. While Gatorade is from the famous company PepsiCo, Powerade belongs to its number one competitor Coca-Cola. Both companies are entirely rival companies and are doing great in the market. However, it has been recorded that the significant market share belongs to Gatorade by PepsiCo. According to records, Gatorade constitutes 46% of the market share from the sports drinks industry.
What has more electrolytes Gatorade or Powerade?
Although the number of calories is more in most of the sports drinks by Gatorade, Powerade has more ions as compared to the latter. Powerade has the essential electrolytes and micronutrients, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, niacin, vitamins, including vitamin B6 and B12. All these essential electrolytes help your body to rehydrate itself from the energy lost during any physical activity. While Powerade has a higher number of electrolytes, Powerade doesn’t lag and has the essential components to restore body power and energy, i.e. sodium and potassium. Another point to remember is that both these drinks do not include any fat or protein content in the bottles.
How much sugar is in Powerade and Gatorade?
Powerade and Gatorade share an equal position for the sugar content in their sports drinks. Moreover, both sports drinks have a standard average of 34 grams of sugar in each serving. This sugar content constitutes a total of 12% of the whole composition of the drink. Both these drinks do not include fat or protein content as a source of its calories. The prime contributor to the calories in both drinks is the carbohydrates content. The sugar and carbs in these sports drinks are vital to providing the body with a quick source of energy. It delivers the body an energetic punch to stay active and hydrated throughout the day.
Does Powerade zero have electrolytes?
When an sports drink is called “zero”, it is often assumed that it contains no electrolytes. However, it is not always right. Powerade zero is called so because it contains zero calories in it. This sports drink is specially designed for people who do not like to consume calories that might increase their weight. Also, it is made for people who want to avoid consuming sugar for health purposes. By any chance, this does not mean that it has no electrolyte. Powerade zero has all the essential electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as vitamins B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. All it excludes is the calories which are zero in the case of Powerade zero.
Is Gatorade bad for you?
If you are someone with an active life schedule, and you are always ready for the next big move, you need to keep yourself thoroughly hydrated. While water is a good source of water, it does not necessarily fulfill the nutrient requirements of the body. These essential electrolytes are lost during exercise or sports through your sweat. If you want to restore these lost body vitals, you need to get a game-tested sports drink like Gatorade that will rehydrate your body and balance the level of electrolytes as well. Keep your body hydrated with a vast choice of flavors from Gatorade and always stay ready for an adventure.

What is your favorite? Leave your feedback.

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  • October 22, 2019 at 5:58 am

    Yes i prefer Powerade too so is something substantial but i made my deep research and prefer powerade chemical’s and the taste is 200% better so is your choice

  • October 22, 2019 at 5:58 am

    Yes i prefer Powerade too so is something substantial but i made my deep research and prefer powerade chemical’s and the taste is 200% better so is your choice

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